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Top Four Renter Complaints About Property Management Companies in Boise
Top Four Renter Complaints About Property Management Companies in Boise

Top Four Renter Complaints About Property Management Companies in Boise

Keeping tenants happy is critical to the success of a rental property. As tenant satisfaction increases, landlords and property management companies benefit through increased tenant longevity, fewer openings, and more rental income. Another perk: keeping your renters happy means less complaints, less stress, and an overall improved landlord-occupant relationship.

In order to help you keep your tenants satisfied, we’ve gathered the top four complaints that renters have about residential rental property services in Boise. 
1. Poor Communication
Communication is key! If you’ve ever been a renter yourself, you understand how frustrating it can be when you don’t hear back from your landlord in a timely manner. One way to open communication and make sure your tenants are doing well is to conduct quarterly assessments. This will create a natural opportunity for you to engage with your tenants, spend some time on the property, and gain some insight into how the occupants feel about living on your property. 
2. Maintenance Request and Work Order Issues
Maintenance requests and work orders can span a range of issues from mildly inconvenient to threatened safety. Check your state laws to make sure that the turnaround times for these issues are within legal requirements, and do what you can to ensure these issues are solved quickly. Timely response to maintenance requests and work orders is a quick way to build trust and showcase your prowess as a landlord.
3. Rent Increases
Rent increases are a necessary part of being a landlord--between market rate increases, increased expenses and property taxes, and paying for maintenance and upkeep of your property, as a business, you must increase your prices from time to time. Opt for gradual price increases instead of large jumps and communicate well in advance to minimize renter dissatisfaction.  
4. Lack of Privacy
Everyone has the legal right to privacy and quiet enjoyment of their homes. Consolidate your visits to the property and accomplish as many things as possible each time you go so as to avoid frequent visits. For routine inspections, write them into your lease agreement so your tenants know well in advance when you will be stopping by. 
At the end of the day, the vast majority of renters are simply trying to live their lives and keep things running as smoothly as possible. Although it can be overwhelming to receive complaints if you own a multi-family property, remember that it’s not the tenants against you, but rather you and the tenants working together to resolve any issues. These four common complaints are an excellent place to begin to troubleshoot as you work towards a better landlord-occupant relationship.